About Us - Electrician

Howdy, and welcome to my website. My name's Louis Anderson and I got started designing and building websites roughly thirteen years back. The truth is I'm really a flooring specialist by trade, so the change to making websites was fairly challenging, however I fell into it quite successfully and at present it simply is "what I do". I should confess I've found it a fascinating challenge, brainstorming concepts and implementing them, sometimes seeking to generate a bit of income out of it and from time to time just doing it for fun. This particular site is a tad of both.

I have no idea about you, but I have certainly got frustrated by repeated advertising and promotions pushed in my face on sites, constant pop-up windows trying to peddle me things I don't need and newsletters I will never read, and needing to join or sign in to carry out anything at all on most websites, that means my email is gonna get spammed to death and i'm no doubt going to use my time on a daily basis getting rid of all this junk. I would guess you feel the same way don't you? Perhaps that you will not feel this way after visiting this website.

Well, whilst you might notice a little promotional material here, it is not shoved down your throat, you do not see any pop-ups, you will not be expected to register or login and you will never get any spammy newsletters or emails. This website is not dynamic as a result stuff doesn't move around or take ages to load up.

Simple, easy to use sites have invariably been my aim, with content that is quick to load and don't contain junk that you don't want or need. With luck I've achieved this here and at least you will not have been annoyed by your visit, possibly you'll even have valued the experience. I honestly hope that is the case.

I'm not an electrician myself therefore please don't contact me with inquiries connected with electrical work or to get price quotes for electrical installations, the website is designed to lead you through the alternative ways to locate a trustworthy electrician by yourself.

I do not recommend or endorse any specific service, I've just simply provided some ways for picking one, the choice is ultimately yours alone.

it would be good to to see you here again sometime soon and thanks yet again for your visit.